Remembering Marion Barry

Marion Barry’s funeral procession took place over three days in early December. On December 5th, 2014 I took my bike and camera and set out to interview and photograph people who came out to line the processional route.  I was struck with how many DC residents had a personal connection to Barry – it was clear he was very beloved by many people.  People had so many different things to say, but if I had to sum it into one sentiment it would be thanks.  Marion Barry was a champion to these people and he will be sorely missed.

Stop Motion in Mexico

Theresa and I went to Mexico for Dia De Muertos. I spent a few years in Mexico as a youth and was excited to go back. Just before we left I picked up a Canon 6d. Really psyched to finally have a full frame still camera. The wireless connectivity is also crucial – it lets me upload photos to Instagram directly from the field. It may seem like a small thing, but having the ability to immediately upload a photograph was a great motivator and definitely lead me to take more photographs.

The form factor of the 6d is also excellent. I love using the 40mm prime pancake lens – its the perfect focal length and makes the 6d a nice small package thats easy to travel with.

I’ve been noticing recently people are creating interesting stop motion videos from simple hand held photos.  I decided to test the technique out with my new camera and I’m pretty happy with the results – definitely a technique I’ll keep experimenting with.

I think the video gives a really nice frenetic sense of our trip, and at 4 minutes is very watchable. Check it out:

A few of my favorite photos: