Stop Motion in Mexico

Theresa and I went to Mexico for Dia De Muertos. I spent a few years in Mexico as a youth and was excited to go back. Just before we left I picked up a Canon 6d. Really psyched to finally have a full frame still camera. The wireless connectivity is also crucial – it lets me upload photos to Instagram directly from the field. It may seem like a small thing, but having the ability to immediately upload a photograph was a great motivator and definitely lead me to take more photographs.

The form factor of the 6d is also excellent. I love using the 40mm prime pancake lens – its the perfect focal length and makes the 6d a nice small package thats easy to travel with.

I’ve been noticing recently people are creating interesting stop motion videos from simple hand held photos.  I decided to test the technique out with my new camera and I’m pretty happy with the results – definitely a technique I’ll keep experimenting with.

I think the video gives a really nice frenetic sense of our trip, and at 4 minutes is very watchable. Check it out:

A few of my favorite photos:

Gay Men’s Chorus: Supreme Court DOMA Decision

Living on Capitol Hill, it seems there is always something going on.

I’ve been out of town recently and missed several major news cycles. Yesterday around 10:30  I was scrolling through my instagram feed – I posted under andrapolis if anyone is interested – and I noticed the DOMA decision was being handed down by SCOTUS. I recently purchased a new C100 and have been eager for excuses to shoot. Still getting used to the camera but loving it so far.

I missed the bulk of the action but was lucky enough to stumble onto the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC singing in front of the Supreme Court. Pretty moving stuff.

Check out the quick video I put together: